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Indigo Love Art






Indigo Love Art is created by Keila (Ksea) and Deandra (Deevine). Partners who united 3 years ago and dived into a journey of creating together. Keila was always an art lover and studied art shortly in Atlanta, Ga. She has been self-studying ever since and has developed a whimsical, fairytale type of surrealism. Deandra has been creating since youth and began a path dedicated to art 4 years ago. Their style being opposite. Ksea is an optical illusionist and bold Surrealist. Together they create a balance and melting of worlds. Indigo Love's main focus is creating eco art while connecting the beautiful web of life through all of its strains and inclusiveness. They recycle things like cardboard and wood to use as canvases with hopes to inspire and shift even if in small ways the way others invest, upcycle, reuse and waste.



Please join us for


May 5, 2017
5 pm – 8 pm

Indigo Love Art

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